Merriwether Elementary students are getting a taste of the democratic process this year, as the school institutes its first ever Student Council. All third-fifth graders who were interested in becoming a classroom representative had to complete a two-page application that asked questions such as, “What characteristics do you have that will help contribute to Student Council?” and “What leadership qualities do you possess that will allow you to make a positive difference for the students in our school?” The hundreds of applications were read by a panel, and two students from each homeroom were selected.

The thirty-two members of student council met for the first time last week. Hailey Walker, a fifth-grade homeroom representative explained, “Student Council is allowing me to help make important decisions for our school. I love supporting our school.”

Mrs. Becca Hamilton and Mrs. Meagan Maness are the advisors for this group of students. “Student council helps students become aware of our basic democratic principles, while team building and refining leadership skills. The council gives students a voice and allows them to take ownership in their school,” said Hamilton. “Student Council teaches and reinforces collaboration and reliability. Two important characteristics that our school district and community have identified as important in growing world class citizens,” Hamilton further explained.